Movie Review: X-Men Days of Future Past (2014) | by volcanolam - "The 16 yrs old Casual Blogger"

Rating: 9/10

Features a superbly high quality script and very powerful acting. This X-men is breathtaking from start to end while boosting complexity in its story telling. Direction and style is spot on as they concoct a thrilling, gritty, epic ambiance that is exactly what X Men is about. Such an entry sums up the magic of the series' universe, so for new viewers like me, it is a mesmerizing cinematic experience after all.

But at the end it is the script that played off. Talking about a plot that good there's no way it could be translated onto the big screen as a flop. It is one of the films which makes you sitting on the edge of the seat as things went bleaker and bleaker, and during the course you can't help but ask yourself,"How is it gonna play off? How can the ending be satisfying while being realistic?" It did a fantastic job in stirring such a thought in the audience's minds. Besides, Quicksilver's Time in a Bottle scene is cinematic gold. What a highlight!

Hey and who can forget magnificent acting of James McAvory and Michael Fassbender? Fassbender is very good as Magneto, but it was Xavier's acting that I love the most. So great in facial expressions and strong in conveying emotions. Along with all the amazing ensemble cast alongside the two, X men might have amassed one of the strongest actors/actress ever for a movie franchise.

10/10? Well there was a problem there. Why so few scenes with Quicksilver?? Those scenes with him on it are so cool, yet his screen time occupied just a small chunk in the first half. Besides there were several mutants Raven rescued during the earlier parts of the film. All of these characters suddenly showed up in the climax and it seemed to remind me of some bit of an imbalance of structure, as if there was still a lot of potential yet to be developed. Since it has no intentions to answer it, and neither will X Men Apocalypse, this remains a barrier between Days Of Future Past and perfection.

I'd love to see more films that displays the same script quality as in X Men DOFP