Movie Review: Mad Max Fury Road (2015) | by volcanolam - "The 16 yrs old Casual Blogger"

Rating: 10/10!!

One of the best action movies of the decade. Seldom do I give a 10 star rating since even good movies have flaws. But this one has so few of them, and for now such does not even matter.

Outstanding sound effects and use of colours. Visually popping are those explosions and even the sky & sand looks amazing, while the score is moving and spot on. Combine the two and we get the famous Australian dystopian world of Mad Max, so mesmerizing, enchanting.

Everything is a marvel to behold. George's direction is exceptional. He creates new cinematic techniques of conveying action sequence without much reliance of cliche shots. The end product is very fast-paced, effectively creating the sense chaos that comes with good action sequences. Ambitious is one word to sum this up.

As the background characters yell weird monologues, while others swing to and fro over the War Rig commencing more and more crazy, feral action, the films keeps on delivering the thrills under such a unique ambience, and I can't help but be captivated by every one of its key moments. Marvel, X men, DC dominate the box office nowadays, but those action scenes are just for fun. Airport scene from CA: Civil War for instance, the one scene everyone extols, is admittedly for fan indulgence and fun. Fury Road is alone, but it is much more. It is of higher quality, and instead of delivering sheer fun it thrills. 

Hope that there are people like George who realizes how important these films are and continue to make more of them in the near future.