Movie Review: Interstellar (2014) | by volcanolam - "The 16 yrs old Casual Blogger"

Rating: 7/10

Interstellar (2014) delivers what I love about Nolan, all the intellectual stuff and the emotion and practical effects etc. The contrast between farmers and astronauts. The conflict between own preferences and humanity's fate. The exploration into science in space and all its possibilities, so as the meditation on our own self, humans, the NASA, selfish individuals ruining the civilization. Generally, the scope is huge as it sometimes addresses humanity as a whole, thought provoking and resonant. If everyone on earth is dead yet embryos are retained and brought to another planet light years away to live, are they still homo sapiens? Is it really a continuation of species, after all the civilization is gone? Is that really necessary to do so?

Inception is better. The intellectual concept about dreaming is much more palpable for audiences, and its cast is star-studded. Still, Interstellar is a scintillating showcase of one of the most complex brains in the film industry. As long as Nolan keeps on making films,  keeps on delivering the thrills, there will always be that group of audience in the theaters who believe that blockbuster sare not always dumb.

Good Things to Note: The last 30 minutes is so complex, moving, powerful it transcends the complicity of Inception, Batman trilogy. Throughout the film, I kept on wondering what Nolan was trying to conjure in Interstellar, with 70% RT rating. You just shouldn't be dubious of Christopher Nolan's visions in how the cinema can extend beyond the scope of entertainment and to produce meaning to humanity as a whole, and his aptitude in spawning meaningful originals.

The sheer volume of the 30min, the scale, it made me feel small. I am too ordinary, too inconspicuous in this world, a teenager of nothing special suffering from school work and begging for college admissions. I don't fit in the world Interstellar implied. That's why I can barely process all the messages this movie has just conveyed. MIND BLOWN.