Movie Review: Batman v Superman (2016) | by volcanolam - "The 16 yrs old Casual Blogger"

Rating: 4/10

Zack Snyder wasn't trying to ruin BvS. He employed his own way to make it good, and his effort is so in vain. You remember The Dark Knight and all its grittiness and "dark"ness? Well, Zack was trying IN VAIN to do it but he just wasn't Nolan. Instead, there're loads of scenes where you couldn't stop saying, "Don't do that. Its weird." An example is those slow motion scenes so odd as they seemed. Set pieces are also say, incoherent. One scene jumps over to another leaving the audience unclear whats happenin'. Background characters are cold and uninteresting, and along with the very weird direction "style" was created, yet is largely unfitting in most times.

One word to describe this style - overdramatic. If I am to elaborate, the fight between B and S. It was NOT cool. S was fighting because of his mom, which wasn't a good motive at the first place. And then all those grunts from both men, it was painful to watch. The ending was terrible. It left nothing behind that resembles of the dream fight i thought I was about to see.

With the titular fight so bad, its hard to fathom anything else from the next 40 minutes. The whole movie was dull and there's not much fun to watch, as all were stolen by Snyder's "ambitious" direction. It is hard to say if anything can save this movie when major errors are over the place. They might have to rewrite the whole script.

Lex is poorly portrayed, and his lines were horrible. Just listen to what he said during scenes when he confronted S after kidnapping his mom, and the one where he spawned Doomsday. Very poor lines. Cavill and Affleck were okay. Cavill was acting below par during his fight against B, as he struggled with facial expressions.

I really tried to defy critics this time and say BvS is a good film. But as time elapsed the rating in my mind dropped and dropped. I just want to say that there really ARE problems in this film plotwise and technically and the critics weren't too cynical with their reviews. Maybe next time Zack. I am still confident with the Justic League, you know, gonna have to speak against the critics to make things less bleak.