Movie Review: The Angry Birds Movie (2016) | by volcanolam - "The 16 yrs old Casual Blogger"

Rating: 5/10

Incredibly funny, yet the producers just didn't seem to have an effort to build up a satisfying plot that can do justice to all the beloved characters.

First let me do an overview. We all know the years when Angry Birds is the world's greatest attraction, as mobile games saw its rise. Its 2016 and the hype has plummeted. I am a nostalgic person and Im so pleased that this movie actually defeated CA: Civil War on its second weekend and topped the box office, gleaming with ephemeral signs of its glory days.

Good things: Very funny. Of course they aren't high quality jokes, but they are like a step ahead of Minions. Gags are INCESSANT and sometimes I can't stop but laugh stupid scenes, so the film is enjoyable in its own right. (Ps. Quicksilver reference. I spotted that ;))

But it seems like humour has occupied some of the rightful screentime reserved for plot development. The whole story is predictable: bad guys come, bad guys go. I even felt the plot is a bit imbalanced, like their was too much screentime for the pigs entry and the friendly times, but too little for their unfriendly times as they reveal their motives. Moreover the start of the climax looks odd, as the birds started their assault by flinging themselves to villages and castle with a slingshot, it feels like the movie was trying to recreated the Angry Birds gameplay by cinematic techniques, which might not be the most effective since you know, not all animation filmmakers are Pixar or Disney's men.

Its 90 minutes long. Pixar films are usually 100 minutes long and has to pull off a feat of folding a brilliant script into a small piece every time they work on an animation. This one however felt relaxed, allocating so much time for awesome gags despite the fact that run time is shorter. At the end, the result is that their isn't enough sophistication in the story.  If you are to justify my opinion, take a look at The Lego Movie. Thats the paragon of a similar concept did outstandingly.