Movie Review: Alex Through the Looking Glass (2016) | by volcanolam - "The 16 yrs old Casual Blogger"

Rating: 3/10

Take a meaningful, timeless classic and adapt it into a big-budget children's movie. There are a lot of possibilities to this. You may end up with Jungle Book 2016, or you may give birth to Alice in Wonderland (2010). Sadly, this new Disney live action film finds itself treading the same grounds and mistakes as did its predecessor.

The pacing is very inconsistent, and set pieces are scrambled as sequences jump right over one another before they even feels like ending. Tailor made for children, I know it, but the script is so lacking the depth that its adapted novel possesses it feels disappointing. The cast's performances are over the top. Apart from the of of-course-good special effects there isn't much that stays after the film. Not a trace of the well beloved classic we all know.

I didn't watch it in the cinema. I found its torrent on a website and started playback while doing some academic revision. Maybe this ruins the experience, but as the film did nothing to bring me the hype so to defy my expectations beforehand, I will just as well keep it low for the rest of the movie.