2016年5月19日 星期四

Will Finding Dory be a FLOP? (Reviews & Insights) [Movie Reviews, Opinions, Essays & More!!]

Finding Nemo's sequel is 'swimming' its way to the big screen, but the hype is so great its trailers have caused storms in the internet over these months. But, what if this movie, Finding Dory, is NOT a good movie? What will that mean to all the fans and Pixar as a whole? Besides, is that possible?

Pixar over took Disney as the leading studio in animation at the strike of 2000s, during which Pixar proves to the audience that animation can possess the complexity and storytelling that can rival any other given live action film, so as there critical and box office reception. Monsters Inc, The Incredible, Toy Story are among Pixar's most famous collections, and Finding Nemo is one of them. Surely I don't think anyone of you should be here seeking for descriptions since Im pretty certain you have seen it. As the highest grossing film from Pixar after inflation adjustment, this movie is a spectacle. But what about Finding Dory? Early critics made guesses that Finding Dory will soar in box office success, surpassing 1 billion dollars worldwide and right on the heels of top-ranked Captain America 3: Civil War, when it comes to making a list of highest grossing films of 2016 summer. All the predictions are based on the premise that Finding Dory really does work, a higher-than-90%-RTrating film that possesses all the heart and humor that scintillates in the original. So, what if Pixar made a misstep? Well, fans will be VERY disappointed. VERY sad indeed. What I mean by this is that for a film that is going to disappoint audiences who waiting 13 years for the film, the sheer level of grief will be so big in either matches or surpasses the disappointment brought by BvS earlier this year. Lots of people saw Finding Nemo in the cinemas as a child or a teen, and they promised Pixar that there will be adult audience when Finding Dory comes out. don't believe me? Just check out the YouTube comments. You will be shocked at how many adults are commenting on the fact that there shall be more over 18 viewers than under 18 viewers.

Last time Pixar released The Good Dinosaur, which was mediocre in reception and even lost money during theatrical release. It exemplified Pixar's struggle to make consistent good movies nowadays, a phenomenon of the 2010s never worried before in the 2000s. Because of that, a few are concerned about the quality of probably the most anticipated movie of the year. If I am to opine, calm down guys, its gonna be alright.

First I'm talking about the advertisements. Disney has been giving a lot to advertise the film, a sense that they have made the film right and can't wait to show it to the world. Indeed advertising is common when we are talking about Disney, but the atmosphere in the Internet is just so positive, seeping with signs that Andrew Stanton and John Lasseter are brimming with confidence. Not to mention Ellen DeGeneres' frequent reference and support from her daytime show, the stakes seem to be to high for it to fall.

Besides, a 27 minutes screening of the beginning of Finding Dory has taken placed already at CinemaCon. There were a few people who saw it and gave promising comments afterwards, stating that the experience feels similar to the watching of Finding Nemo, boasting touching montages that are to rival the opening 10 minutes of 'Up'. With an opening that is already confirmed in quality, its hard to think of anything that will derail the movie as it progresses.

I love Finding Nemo. At first I was worried about the new characters as they look a bit less realistic and workable. Nevertheless, I am still confident to this moment that Finding Dory is going to be another classic in Pixar's canon, sitting alongside Toy Story 3 as the best animated movies of the decade (check out my review on Toy Story 3 below!!!!). As for now, I just can't wait for the release date.

2016年5月17日 星期二

How good is Captain America 3: Civil War? (Non-Spoiler + Spoiler) [Movie Reviews, Opinions, Essays & More!!]

Remember the hype among all the fans across the globe just a month ago? Unlike BvS and Apocalypse, this is a superhero movie that finally received positive RT ratings. No matter if it's biased or not, let's look into this movie and speculate on its good and bad things.

Overall rating: 8/10

Non-spoiler section:

If you are looking for big-scale, exciting showdowns between superheroes like what you saw from the trailer, you won't get disappointed since that battle, set on an abandoned German airport, is action filled, incredibly funny, and full of surprises. Spiderman shines so brightly in the scene. Even though it takes a long while, like an hour to buoldbup to that moment. It's still okay when you see the fight unravel.

If you are looking for more drama, I must say the film did excellently in this aspect. There are storylines surrpunding characters and every superhero gets his or her moment under the spotlight, and the result is good. The big surprise at the end further pushes the characters. It simply does what Winter Soldier did two years ago, this time with more characters to develop.

I recommend this film. The plot is not the most consistent in length and plothole free, but the characters are very well developed and its action sequence is good enough to make up for that.


First the airport fight, Ant man transformed into giant man which is a great use of the IMAX screen. I love Ant man after watching his solo movie, but I do think Spiderman stole the show with his fresh sense of humor. Tom Holland killed it, nailing his role. Black widow changes sides amid the fight and that's so good. Cap and Black Widow had a wonderful relationship, so Im curious to see how the film handles that as both are from different films. Yet the Russel Brothers are masters at work. They managed their relationship from beginning to end brilliantly, and their bond even ameliorated after this movie. It proves how action flicks like this can also manage satisfying human drama when things are in the right hands.

Now for the surprise, Bucky kills Tony Stark's parents! After the movie i went home to search the web, and found several people guessing it right before the movie even released (great job!). The airport scene may look cool, but the motive of the fight is weak, and with all the humour it seems like the heroes are just having fun. The real Civil War is at the end, after Iron man learned the truth. From then on, i said to myself, "Now that's civil war I'm talkin abt" The tension is so high and their fight is real, and who knows how it would play off?! One of them can very possibly die!

But no one did, at the end, even the villain (which is good since he ain't those superpower villains which is cliche). Cap won the fight, but by then it doesn't matter. As fans we are hoping that things can end nicely, tying off this movie which has already hit the right marks.

After a day or so, I started asking: What is in Bucky's backpack? Why  are the Super Soldiers in this movie? What is Zames plan if Iron Man didn't show up? Iron followed Cap voluntarily, instead of being lured apparently. Nevertheless, I don't think plotholes like this should deprive Civil War of its good quality. 

Three superhero blockbusters. Only one stands tall. Disney just grossed over 1billion domestically, winning everything. Will all these end soon? Remind you all, Finding Dory is swimming close...

2016年5月16日 星期一

How Toy Story 3 established the Toy Story universe [Movie Reviews, Opinions, Essays & More!!]

In some ways Toy Story 3 marks the end of a golden era in modern cinema. After over a decade of Pixar dominance on the field of animation, the 2010s see the rise of forgotton giant Walt Disney Animated Classics and new competitor Dreamworks. While is exhibiting declining quality in its works, let aside Inside Out and probably Finding Dory, Dreamworks is staying strong with its flagship franchises, while Walt Disney is concocting a new Renaissance era of its own. Yet, it is no denying that Pixar has its times, and they still shine as brightly today as it was before. At the pinnacle of its success, Pixar releases Toy Story 3, a wonder of its own right as it outgrossed real action films financially and racked up 99% rating on RT. Why is this sequel of the most beloved Toy Story franchise so effective and so long lasting that it still shines years to come?

Toy Story 4 will be released in 2018.

Let's talk about its technical compartment. This Pixar film is stylish at the beginning, fun and thrilling as it progresses, then tear jerking and overwhelming at the end. It is dark, yet humurous. All the characters in previous movies shines so brightly, and the villain as memorable as it is well-crafted. I remembered the time i saw the movie at the theatres, which by then my memories of the previous two movies are blurry. I don't know what to expect from the second sequel, and yet i was blown away. I was overwhelmed by the ending sequences where Andy bid farewell to the toys he loves for years. A few days ago I rewatched this masterpiece, I still find my eyes watery when Andy's mom hugged him after looking into the emptiness of hia room - a sign that Andy has grown. It was pure cinematic gold.

Pixar is at the height of its power throughout the film. At first, they wanted to create the perfect ending for the franchise that first kicked of their success in 1995. However, they almoat overdid that. It was too good. Now the producers found themselves open to ever more idea to expand this universe, causong Toy Story 4 to happen. Toy Story 3, released 11 years after Toy Story 2, had inadvertently perpetuated Toy Story.

How? Remember the scene which Woody was brought to a toy desk alongside other toys in Bonnie's room? When Bonnie left Woody yalk to them immediately, and he recieved response. The process was so spontaneous, and the new characters came in without much exposition. As they spoke characterization took place , and Bonnie's room had become another venue of the Toy Story world. The truth's that it's so easy to expand this world, this cinematic universe. Its characters are vivid and unique, and the formula can be reused on and on while never making the audience feel bored.

Until now the Toy Story cinematic universe is large. Andy's house, Sid's house, Sunnyside Daycare, Bonnie's house, not to mention other memorable characters like Zod and Barbie that are from an anonymous toy store in the middle of the time. The trilogy offers so much with minimum length. That's why they call it a "cinematic universe" already.

Toy Story 4 is happening. Can't wait to embrace the old memories any time soon.