2014年12月26日 星期五

No more days

This is a lonely day. I think that I might have gone to a different world, a strange and unfamiliar world to be in. Time is passing me by so silently and ominously, like the wind in my town very long ago, yet much more potent and chilly. Sounds echo by my ear, and I know its time to change. I believe in the time when I was tormented by the endless battling of unknown forces, and I believe in the advent of the old and true world to return to my perception. This is a wish not impossible, but steadfast in the great depths of the universe, refusing to unveil to me as a motivation for me to carry on, seemingly tantalizing my body and flesh of humanity.
Give me a day to recuperate from my fatigue, I need to keep myself alive to pursue my dreams.

2014年11月28日 星期五

Infinity is just in our mind

Sighing to the moon,
seems too sad for me to bear.
The melancholy that plays on incessantly,
running on and on and on.

Sitting by the waters,
a rivulet stretching across the land.
An elegy written in interminable verses,
Never ending, and never ending still.

One day, I'll wake up,
to find myself in a world of no boundaries.
Edify me of the meaning,
of infinity, a number without limits.

Today, I draw the sign of infinity,
on a piece of paper.
Staring at this emblematic symbol,
the drab misery rushing through my heart,
like a torrent still.

"Let there be place,
a place where limits are absent,
and boundaries are nothing but dust.
In this infinite expanse, release your water of sadness.
Let it spread out and inundate this place.
If its not enough, keep adding.
Pour out everything you have,
like a ferine beast chafing against the constrains of nature."

At one point you may stop,
Questioning me,
"What is of this land?
Only of this limitless expanse,
can it ever conquer my sadness."

Infinity is not far from us, my friend.
It's in the topic sentence of this elegy.

2014年11月26日 星期三

Left with only one

Today, and in this very moment, I begin my musing.
Somewhere, far beyond my reach of perception and imagination.
Settled a hallow on earth.
Let this be the closest place to heaven that anyone ever conceived of.
A paragon of beauty.
A pride of ebullience.
More are to come,
From this land, so rimless in such a bounded world.
Where, oh where,
Can I find this place?
I sailed through the seas and oceans.
Hovered over the lands.
Auspicious and optimistic at first,
Before that adulterated and desiccated scenes.
Plain melancholy projected on my head.
My eyes scintillating.
The beams reflected towards the corners of this world.
Then I flew, flew, and flew.
Nothing was left in a form of consciouness.
It seemed to me.
A lucid fact.
After all.
Turn somber my face and skin.
Turn callous my body and mind.
Relish the time.
Voracious is my soul.
The only paradise is in my heart.

2014年11月25日 星期二

Journey of Life

Suddenly, we woke up from our callousness and realized something.
We are running to fast.
Hey, as we called. Stop, you're running too fast.
And yet its too fast for us to decelerate.
It is a calculation not including velocity.
Not including displacement.
Not including time.
There's no v=u+at.
No vv=uu+2as.
No s=(u+v)t/2.
No s=ut+att/2.
Death is waiting at the other side of the road.
Perhaps we are a car moving in constant velocity,
and that we accelerate whenever we favor,
Yet, life is no arbitrary and free.
Soon, as we went out of control.
The scene of an obstacle, a truck old man, little girl or what ever it was.
Came into mind.
The 0.2s of reaction time does not helps.
Panic and palpitating.
Stamping on the brake.
Endeavor to shorten the braking distance,
Abruptly the laws of physics came into mind.
Then the laws of life.
Soon realizing that all the four physics equation are defying you.
The stopping distance in too large.
"And the light leaves your eyes."
As you put a line to a reckless, trivial and mundane journey.

2014年10月24日 星期五

Sea, at dawn (Poem - SH Lam)

Sometimes I find myself basking,
in a scintillating sea of colossal mass,
yet of benign character,
as its waves chafing against my body,
flushing of water whispering beside my ears,
Quieter and quieter as it goes,
Lucid it is in my mind,
the sound of nature,
magnanimous, omnipotent still,
kind enough to mercy my soul,
that in such a peaceful world it is, that I am in,
Torments and contrite follow my path,
As the sempiternal saying of the sea refers to,
"My dear, my dear. Pitiful you are.
Dormant in your own universe.
Restricted in your idle state.
Take a drop of my blessing still.
Bestir and meet me at the far earth's end."

2014年10月14日 星期二

Occupy Central 02/10 - Mong Kok Commotion, Hong Kong

Mong Kok Commotion on 2nd October, 2014

"Mong Kok has been our pride ... We’re not going to give it up and we’re not scared."
        This is from the articulation of an OC protestor upon their occupation of Mong Kok according to Harbour Post, a few days after the beginning of the Occupy Central. The steadfast assertion appeared to be intrepid and formidable. However, it led to some serious consequences.
        On October 2, during the fifth night of the Occupy Central, a metamorphosis descended onto this land of turbulence and fear. A group of people strolled into the core occupied areas of Mong Kok and started to annihilate the shelters, temporary facilities and resources that the OC protestors obtained. A conflict endured between the mob and the protestors. Police soon arrived to endeavor to relinquish the heat, yet the fight still happened for numerous of hours. As dusk approached, men were caught and several protestors were badly injured. A sense of consternation lingered around the territory, including the other areas like Admiralty and Causeway Bay, in which protestors still abide.
        News spread across the society, galvanizing people from their sleeps as they watched in awe and skepticism as violent scenes flashed across the screens. The time had come for those people to take their toll.
        This single incident that lasted for one night had elicited several weeks of utter chaos in all other places of Hong Kong. Occupy Central had suddenly evolved from peaceful gatherings to a violent fights as shown on the television.
        Let us delve into the profound impact of this incident.
        To delineate the consequences, we have to identify who were affected in these days. Surely, nearly the entire population in Hong Kong is vastly affected by Occupy Central and its following events, such as this sudden ambush from the anti-OC supporters. However, I will cover the major victims that suffered the most from that tumultuous night.
        From the perspective of the protestors, this is surely one of the worst nights they ever had since 28 September. They suffered intense facility damage, severe injuries and physical exhaustion throughout the course of the hours. The base they had constructed with diligence and hard-work were torn and raided, and it was a mess as the sky lights up. Some of them had to receive medical treatment at hospital for shedding blood during the fight, and the majority of them were mentally distracted by the commotion. Such happening would abate their willingness to continue and abide with the territory. Voices came from the society, goading them to abandon Mong Kok and to retreat to more universally approved bases in Hong Kong Island.
        From the perspective of the whole Occupy Central movement, their repute was debilitated as their belief of maintaining peace was eradicated. Citizens supporting Occupy Central would question whether the organizers can control the aggravating situation and start to show incongruity towards the effectiveness of it. Apart from the loss of supporters, the morale of the movement was enervated. Disparagement from media of other places like China and the United States came along with vehement antipathy other citizens of Hong Kong made. Moreover, their safety in the imminent few weeks was largely threatened.
        From the perspective of shops within the vicinity of where the fight happened, the number of customers further abated as people avoid shopping in those areas. The situation was even worse than before. According to an article from The Standard on 08 October, “Two-thirds of 105 shops in Mong Kok say Occupy Central has drained their takings by 4 percent or more while a third says their losses are a little less.” This reflects the intolerable situation of people making their living by owning shops near the territory. Financial losses will apply to them, and their standard of living would be lowered. This may also lead to further problems such as lower purchasing power from shop owners, truncated opening time of various shops, and augmenting hostility and resent the shop owners would show towards the OC protestors.
        From the perspective of the police and the safety of other citizens, some policeman might suffer minor injuries. The increment of policemen in Mong Kok will result in deficient of police force in other territories in Hong Kong. According to estimations made by South China Morning Post, at least 7000 policemen were employed to turn up for the chaotic scenes such as the tumultuous October night. The safety of the general public will be marred due to the devoid of police that are not in Mong Kok and Hong Kong Island.
        Finally, we arrived to the perspective of HK government and Hong Kong itself. Hong Kong has been renowned for its safety and transparency during the preceding decade after the handover. However, the image of Hong Kong was vastly affected by the whole Occupy Central movement and the particular violence that took place in the meantime. As other countries in the world meditate upon this historical movement, it appears that Hong Kongers have been struggling for universal suffrage and democracy to embrace this land. Until the very present moment, the intense effort and money they endeavor in this movement even seem futile. This arouse questions whether Hong Kong’s political freedom is being limited, and that in the imminent future, its uniqueness of having a different political system from China would vanish.
        All in all, the consequences of this very incident were profound and significant, and even until today, we referred it as the beginning of all the following commotion we are hearing from the news at present. As Occupy Central continued, more and more events will trade places under the spotlight of the media and the common public. Would it really be a sempiternal process all the way towards infinity? Or if a line was put all of a sudden, ceasing all the hard works they made on the roads of Admiralty, on the highways of Causeway Bay, on the pedestrians of Mong Kok, and that they incessant process suddenly become ephemeral?

Only the future would tell.

2014年9月25日 星期四


It seemed like something was pending. The very strange call was clearly heard. It came from a very far distance, arrived in no more than a few seconds, even it wasn't even shorter. Then we thought we had been trapped, duped by something we do not recognize. It was a hoax, and we had been tricked into it. We lost in it, by contributing too much, giving out too much, and sacrificing too much. Then the parasitic thing seemed to absorb all what we gave them, without repaying what we had suffered. It seemed like an eon had pasted by, and we did not know what has happened to our efforts and all our sweat and blood. The truth was hidden behind the mist. We are too blind to penetrate the heavy obstacle of vision. Then the very moment when we are lethargic, gradually aggravated into enfeeblement, we looked upon our life, all about giving and working, for something unknown. We often forget what our goal is. The thing had emulated the goal very well that we believed all we work for is for the thing. But at that very moment, in our dying moments, it would disclose to us its notorious, evil nature. Cruelty and brutality are what lies in it, and beside it always goes merciless and injustice. We cried and lament, but they are of no use. Our destiny is cemented at the very day we came into the world. No hope is left. Nothing can escape from the thing.


2014年9月22日 星期一

Hong Kong Boycott 22/9 2014 (News article by SH Lam)


It is very overt now. There was a metamorphosis happening in front of our school gates. In these few days, we can notice the existence of big black banners laying on the ground, and people standing nearby distributing small yellow ribbons, with the words spoken again and again sempiternally as we students walk by. “Please support the boycott! Please support the boycott!” Despite our hardest effort to wipe this slogan out of our mind, this thought is still lingering inside our hearts. Should we participate in this event? This is the common conundrum.

This article will delve into this enigma.

The proposition of this boycott was conceived by several democratic activists in Hong Kong, including the Hong Kong Federation of Students and Scholarism, two activist groups organized by students. They prepared to organize a week long pro-democratic boycott starting from 23th September. Students participating the boycott are advised to join rallies and to attend public lectures which will be held in major parks near governmental offices.

What is the reason leading to this proposition? Within these several months, the debate of Occupy Central has been attracting more and more attention. The discussion of whether solid actions has to be made to request the Chinese government to grant Hong Kong genuine universal suffrage in 2017 elicits an augment of attention from the mass media. Activists groups who planned Occupy Central are trying to proliferate and disseminate their message that everyone is involved in this major political event, including secondary students who were considered to remain callous towards political matters.

These are the details and background of this boycott. Today, we are facing the dilemma of whether to exercise our own rights to speak for Hong Kong’s future or to remain idle and follow the conventional chores of a secondary school student.

Although we may not be able to make a choice without further meditation, we do certainly witness something significant and new in this whole event – the serious participation of secondary students in political matters.

This can be seen in two ways. Firstly, the boycott is organized by several democratic activists groups in Hong Kong. As I’ve mentioned, the major role is played by secondary school students, who formed the activist groups and conceived of this idea. During the preceding days, we can see them standing on stages, delivering vehement speeches like a governmental officer, and shedding tears like a revolutionary hero. With excellent cooperation and ability, they have already done something we can’t believe. They have amalgamated a large group and supporters together and spread their message well enough for people to believe that they are serious about the boycott and Occupy Central. Secondly, it is lucid that all secondary school students are affected by the new of the imminent boycott. Due to the brilliant propaganda skills of the activists, there shall be students being attracted and will join the boycott in Tuesday. Although it cannot be asserted that the response will be significant, the participation of at least a few students is imperative.

So it is discovered that a new element will be added to political events and discussions nowadays. A decade ago, this certain type of situation is radical. A question may evolve that why such aberrant situation in the past turns out to be lucid in this era. What are the reasons that substantiate the emerging political force formed by school students?

In my sentiment, there are three factors contributing to this situation.

Firstly, students are more aware of their civil rights. According to the Basic Law of SAR, everyone has the right to enjoy the freedom of speech, including citizens of all age groups. They are allowed to articulate their thoughts about the present political situation in a high level of freedom. This certain message has been picking up awareness in these few years. Secondary school students understand that they also have the right to speak up for their own intentions, and therefore begin to be more aware of the politics of Hong Kong.

Secondly, there was a recent trend of blending secondary education and the Hong Kong political environment. Since the introducing of HKDSE as a displacement of HKCE, Liberal Studies has been one of the subjects that are compulsory for secondary students. The curriculum of this subject requires a fully understanding of the society and the political environment of Hong Kong. In order to gain more experience and knowledge to fully equip them for the HKDSE, students may consider devote time and effort to really participate in these political events. Even those who are lethargic and tend to sit and study also start to develop personal opinions towards certain issues. Therefore, students are allowed to think more and even act under the influence of the new examination.

Thirdly, students adopt the notion that they are the future of the society. According to recent respected researches, a majority of the major governmental officials in Hong Kong are of a relatively old age. As they are pending towards retirement, it is an imperative that the younger generation is going replace the older generation as the next government in Hong Kong. This belief bolsters secondary school student’s confidence and willingness to strive and have themselves involved in politics.

As a conclusion, the increasing awareness of rights, modern education and strong belief are some of the major factors contributing to secondary students increasing participation in political events, including the recent boycott.

If we live in a different era, in a different Hong Kong, perhaps a few decades ago, it would seem impossible for a boycott run by students happen in this piece of land. But today, everything has changed. It is certain that in the imminent future, we will see more and more political events run by Hong Kong Federation of Students or Scholarism. Secondary students will appear on out television screen more frequently, even until the day they step up and rule this piece of land. When the time has come, it is inevitable.

But what comes before us now is not the imminent future we conceived of. We are already facing the enigma of whether we should participate in this boycott or not. This we will have to go with your heart, whether you should follow your intrepid passion or your logical mind. However, I do like you to answer a few question before you ascertain your decision.

1.    Do you think the boycott is effective in persuading the Chinese government to change decisions?
2.    Will you guarantee that the boycott will only be held in an appropriate and peaceful manner, with no latent violent events sprinkled along the process?
3.    Do you assure that your intention of achieving universal suffrage will come true, even if you did not pay the effort?
4.    Which one do you think will be the best decision in improving your future life, attending school or joining boycott?

Make your rational decision today.

2014年9月20日 星期六

More about me

I've been searching in the web to find if there are ways of broadcasting my blog. It seems like a lot of them are invalid and are useless. Although the deterrence is there, I do my best to find more people to read this. Although it may end up unpopular, my passion in writing will always be there, even if my skills and grammar are horrible and outrageous.

I have two Youtube channels. One is my very personal account which is idle (I can still remember the password, though). It is "Shing Hei Lam", the same name as the google account I use in this blog. There is also the "lam volcanolam" one, which I often use to upload music videos. It is more active and has more features. I hope you can support my channels and listen to the mv I post.

I have a simple website used to store web materials: http://volcanolam.comxa.com

Thank you for reading! Follow my blog to find more new exciting contents!

2014年9月18日 星期四

First Blog

So, this is my first blog. What should I say?

There are a couple of things.

First, I'm not a native English speaker. I come from Hong Kong( Yay!), and the english level in Hong Kong has been deteriorating in a rapid rate these years (too sad), especially in the teenager age group, in which I am in. Recent years I've been trying to improve my English skills. I memorized vocabs. I read classical novels. I type formal words on Facebook. Although all these came into effect and propel me to one of the better english students in my school, I believe there are still many to learn, for I still can't be comparing myself with students from other countries. You may even see grammar mistakes and awkwardly-sounded sentences in my posts. I hope you can accept this because I am improving!

Secondly, I wrote books. I wrote a few, but I didn't published them. I do not have the intrepidity to face humiliation and disparagement. Perhaps I often compared myself to those great authors in the books I read. I do not favor modern novels. I think the old, classic ones possess more vocabulary and good sentence patterns, and more in which I can learn from. Due to this reason I always push myself to the limits, swallowing vocabulary and spit them out, thinking for a whole while before writing down every sentence. It isn't good. I want to do more in my books. I want to ameliorate my attitude of writing. Therefore, I see this blog a brilliant chance to achieve this goal.

Thirdly, I love blogs. I believe blogs are something else, even though its popularity has been diminishing year by year, it is something more treasured than Facebook and Whatsapp and those other communication medias. In blogs, you really write. I don't know what the situation is in other countries, but in Hong Kong it seemed like there are no actual communication at all in actual life. Even in those communication sites, the conversations are frivolous and trivial. Real conversations can be developed in blogs.

So now, that's all I would like to say. In the future, I will begin to write more and more on this blog. I will try to captivate my readers with special and enticing things, and also to talk about my personal beliefs and etc. Thank you and feel free to follow my blog!

P.S. I'll try increase my sense of humor:)